For a free appraisal, one of our experts comes on site. The appraisal is based on a comparative market study, as well as on our proper long-standing knowledge and experience of determining value in the broader market space.

Many direct criteria feed the appraisal: location, lot shape, habitable surface, choice of materials, general condition of the building, finishes taking into account wear and tear,need for renovations, expansion potential, energy cost (EPC value), closeness of schools/shops/public transport/highways, co-property charges for apartments, etc.

Moreover, CBI IMMO makes a comparative study of specific reference points in our database and of competitive properties which are also featured “for sale” on several media at the time of the appraisal.

Based on these different methods, CBI IMMO determines a realistic price range under actual market conditions and comes up with a recommendation for a good initial asking price and for the best sales strategy.

“Realism” is absolutely crucial in CBI IMMO’s appraisal philosophy. We wish to offer our property owners a realistic idea of the sales price they can expect. It is all too easy to make you dream of an unrealistically high sales price and by doing so to get your business, but at the end of the day, nobody will be well served by an inflated launch price which will not enable you to sell your property, and which will potentially “burn” your property.

In short, should you wish a free, no-strings-attached and realistic appraisal of your property’s market value, contact us without further delay!

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